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Offroad buggy

Posted by on March 31, 2013
Last Summer I thought of getting a quad to run to town with, as that is what must people here drive. My moto is fun, but is limited for shopping, taking the dogs etc. Quads are boring to me and I quickly rejected that idea. Next I thought of getting a mini buggy, as I  had one in Colorado and knew one would work great down here. Browsing ebay looking for a mini buggy, I stumbled across  vw offroad buggies. The first one that I was attracted by was an old school buggy with a fiberglass body, pictured below.royerbuggy Real buggies are about the same price as mini buggies. The search began, my vw offroad education began and my interest zoared. I'm involved with a local Mexican group who raise funds to help poor persons in need of medical attention, mostly thru race events adding to my interest in offroad racing. Turns out, a friend, Ron, has been racing the Baja 1000 for over 40 years. He became my mentor and would review buggies I was interested in buying. Samba, Race Desert, Buggy Finds, Craigslist and e bay, had me visiting daily looking for a buggy that I could afford on my limited budget. Finally, in Jan. I found a buggy meeting my criteria - IRS, 2 seater, mild engine, rack and pinion, fiberglass body, good tires, shocks, lighting, and set up for on road as well as off. I found this one on Race Desert and after several emails and phone calls we struck a deal. Ron went with me to pick it up in S CAL. My face dropped 6 inches when I saw this POS, the pics he had sent were very old. The car was rough to say the least. We re negotiated on the spot, I was determined to bring the buggy back, even against Ron's advice. The seller couldn't get it to start, we re negotiated once again. I found a crack in the frame, re negotiated once again. We are now down to $1000. Suddenly, there is oil all under the engine. I asked and received my deposit back and returned to Mulege buggyless. 2 weeks later while wasting time on Craigslist looking at vintage BMW motorcycles, I see a "Funco"under motorcycles and click to find a Funco buggy mistakenly listed under motorcycles. Could be something! Again many emails and pics. Ron says it is a car in great condition for it's age. He just may be getting tired of me showing him buggies.  The Funco is old tech, swing axle, reversed gear reduction boxes, +6 beam, king pin frt with gusseted stock spindles, Porsche steering box,  big engine! etc. But, I love the way it looks. The seller has owned it for 6 years and hardly ever drove it. Re built by the previously owner maybe another 6 years ago. We travel back up. The car is in great condition, the seller is my height plus, so I will fit. ha. I test drive, with out a helmet and all is good. I pay and we bring it back. Hurrrray! Slightly disappointed the next day when I strap on my Bell head gear and there is no way I can drive with out smacking my head. However, with a ski helmet on, I fit, sorta. This week I'm having a new roll cage upper built and not only will my head clear, but getting in and out will be easier. It is a blast to drive, very fast, handles great in the dirt and pavement and fits in with my old's cool stuff  LOL, 58 airstream, 63 Willys, 73 Honda. I like vintage "stuff".  Video is below photo gallery.    

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