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Gina rinehart has a spray at media over roy hill’s tax protest

Posted by on June 20, 2020

Gina rinehart has a spray at media over roy hill’s tax protest Updated Prime Minister Tony Abbott has warned Gina Rinehart and fellow industrialist Peter Gough will see their profits stifled by the Government if they take her tax action to court. custodia cover samsung The latest revelations in the latest batch of ABC television and radio reporting in the ongoing class action lawsuits comes as the Government announced the government would review the tax regime for companies. custodia samsung A number of major companies – most of them privately owned – are expected to seek tax relief to minimise their tax bills in the coming months. custodia cover iphone The companies include: UnitedHealth Fishermen’s Union of Australia National Farmers Union Australian Construction Industry Council Sydney Water Energy Australia AUSI AFCA NBN Co Australia Food and Drug Associ우리카지노ation Adelaide Medical Association Australian Federation of Unions As a result of that, most of the companies currently set to benefit would be forced to stop tax filing t더킹카지노o reduce their tax bills. iphone hoesje Mr Abbott said the situation would be different had the companies taken the action and the Government backed the companies. “They would be on the hook for the difference between what they paid taxes on and what they could have legally avoided paying,” he said. “Of course this government is determined to encourage investment and create jobs. samsung hoesje “If a company is required to increase taxes or pay higher income tax it could be punished if they don’t make it.” Mr Abbott said the action was being taken by a broad spectrum of the Australian population who wanted to keep the companies “competitive”. “We’ve seen the impact of government intervention in the housing market,” he said. “In the housing market and other areas, the cost of living has increased and that means there are fewer jobs and the cost of living for families is going down. “That’s why the Government will continue to intervene in other areas.” He said the focus would be on increasing jobs, rather than cutting government spending. “We’ve got to make sure we can grow our economy, we’ve got to make sure people are able to make decisions, to buy things,” he said. custodia cover samsung “And I believe the jobs they create can do a lot for Australian lives and they’re a big step for change.

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