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One Year Ago

A Dream
Posted by on June 28, 2010

About 2 years ago, I started researching where I wanted to be when I retired. custodia cover iphone It had to be warm, affordable and interesting. My life has changed dramatically. custodia cover iphone I was in a small retirement community living in the country on 32 acres using this airstream as an office and a 34 ft airstream as my living quarters. Colorado is a beautiful place, but too cold to live on a restricted income. I had an architectural business, but for the last 15 years, I had a custom woodworking shop, building high end furniture and cabinets, mostly in Aspen. custodia iphone Web Design was a hobby, turned into a fun and profitable venture. So, now I’m playin g with Palm trees instead of expensive hardwoods. Still doing web design, but only ones that interest me. Water – I took in for granted living in Gloucester Mass, became aware of water conservation ( and paying for water!) in Colorado. Here in Mulege, the city provides water for washing, watering plants etc and one must purchase drinking water. custodia cover samsung It is about 60 cents for 5 gallons and half price on Thursdays. It gets delivered to me for 60 cents plus a tip. custodia huawei Almost all villages and towns have purified water for drinking. It is easiest to keep the water vessel outside and food prep is also easy to do outside. custodia cover samsung Glad I brought the ss table. custodia samsung Chuchuy is shown with a broom de Mulege, sweeping out the pick up after we laid down 4 truck loads of gravel, $8 a sq meter. He works from 6am till 4 pm, six days aweek for $70/week, plus meals and lots of beer. He is a great worker, a great friend and a happy guy! The moto was bought last year and I collected parts on ebay to restore it. It is the perfect bike to run to town or explore the many dirt roads. I repaired some rust on the Willys and gave it a quick primer coat and plan on having it painted down here. It has been windy here for a few days, so no fishing. custodia samsung Still trying to arrange delivery of boat motor seals, so no boat, just now. Spending my time painting and reading and trying to train Mousse! He is just over a year old now. samsung hoesje custodia iphone Swims daily, has lots of playmates and is a good watch dog. So, I’ve traded in Aspen trees for palms, mountain views for ocean views and 3 ft of white powder snow for white sandy beaches.

2 Responses to One Year Ago

  1. bandett

    What ever happened to the crazy “resort” owner that sold $15 egg and toast breakfasts ?
    Is he still stalking you ? , jejejeje
    Also, why did you decide to restore that old bike ? I guess because it is light weight.
    Seems most bikes is see weigh close to 300 pounds, but i want a small CC street legal dual sport.
    I dont see any plates on yours , not required in Mexico ?
    Anyway , enjoy your blog, have fun, read ya later 😉

    Dennis , cocoa beach, fla.

    • Richard

      Hi Dennis,
      I wanted a bare, light weight vintage bike for the “look” and for the ability to move it in /out of the trailer easily. It was also cheap. Mine is a TL, a CL is the street legal model, geared like the TL ( geared like a tractor :) and the SL is a street legal version geared for the street. It is perfect to run into town or short dirt road trips. 100 mpg is sweet too. The bikes brought into Mexico need only to be registered in the USA. Colorado Off Highway Vehicle registration qualifies. No title is needed, so dirt bikes can be brought in and do not need plates. The only other requirement here is that you wear a helmet, but no one does. Other towns, very few, require lights. A 500cc plus would probably be the min. size for desert runs. There are quite a few used bikes here also. Glad you are enjoying the blog. Here is a friends blog that you may enjoy.

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