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Mulege Dorado Tournament 2012 – video

Posted by on June 1, 2012
Ahh, The Dorado fishing tournament. custodia iphone It all starts about week before - re tie your tackle, but another feather, have a few beers discussing strategy, dream how you will spend that $40,000 peso prize money, have a few more beers discussing strategy, colors to use, water temps, fish reports etc. Gas up the boat, sleepless the night before, set 3 alarm clocks for 3:45 am, get ice, get beer, make coffee, lunch, get more beer, re pack the tackle box, visit fishtracker, iwindsurf, terrapin etc gaining knowledge of current conditions wind, tide, waves, water temp etc. custodia samsung Wake up at 2am, nope not yet, awake at 2:30, then 3 then finally get up 5 minutes before the alarms go off. Coffee and then launch an hour before sunrise and power out at 28 mph on calm seas and the fun begins. custodia cover iphone You troll and you troll, then wham, poles bend, clickers are rapping, we dive for the p[oles and the trottle, then work and work and curse and sweat until finally the Dorado only has "one more run in him". iphone hoesje I heard this 4 times and it was only a 24 lb fish! Finally, we get him on board and in the box. custodia cover samsung We repeat this several times for 3 fish a day between 16 and 24 lbs. GREAT fun. Winning doesn't matter, yeah right, but it was a blast. samsung hoesje A quick video of the dolphins playing off the bow.

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