Quad Races

A group of doctors, nurses and volunteers run events every few weeks to raise funds to help individuals with medical needs, here in Mulege.  There is always a large Mexicano turn out, but very few gringos. A few months ago they ran a kayak demonstration along with the afternoon dinner. I posted about the event in several places trying to gather up some gringo support. Well, the kayak champions never made it to Mulege, so it flopped.  Never say never, someone gave me the idea to hold a quad race, open to everything from motos to golf carts. I proposed it Jorge the event organizer and he thought it was a great idea. We set the date for Dec. 23rd. We asked and received permission from the mayor to close 2 roads, essentially blocking access to or from Mulege under the bridge. The police provided escort service to drive on the highway as well as traffic control.  There was even an ambulance on stand by. Even tho it was close to Christmas, many folks showed up. We ran match drag races on the remaining pavement along the river and match road races thru some dirt roads near by and finished in front of Jorges Beer, water and propane store. Jorge served BBQ chicken, salad and mashed potatoes. The Beer truck even lowered their price for the event. This was one of the most successful fund raisers, if not the most successful. The benefit was for Miguel, who was the passenger in the tragic car accident that killed our friend Bartelo, owner of the Jungla Restaurant and Bar. Local restaurants donated gift certificates for “dinner for 2”, stores donated merchandise and even hair cuts and oil changes. Look for the event next year sometime in Jan when schools are in session and people aren’t off on a holiday vacation. Nick Feller took these great pics. Kevin lent his wit as the MC slash race director. Thanks to both.

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San Javier Festival Dec.1 and 2, 2012

San Javier Festival

We arrived Sat. about noon and herded into a “camping” area for 200 pesos for the car and another 200 pesos for the tent, per night. That was the negotiated price.
You are given a 12 x 20 spot, but it is not a hard rule. Take more room if you can find it, was the attitude. We were only 20 ft from the “strip” and heard the fruit vendors recorded sales pitch over and over and over, as well as the festia generator.
The town is not recognizable as there are vendors everywhere selling carnival junk, great food, candies and cold beer. There were bands and musicians at every other vendor. Sat. night entertainment started about 8pm featuring 2 hours of lip sync and karaoke style entertainment [?]. The huge live band started about 1 am but only played till 3 am when they shut the elec down. They were great, getting everyone on their feet to dance. Not much to do except wait for the Sunday Parade of the horses on their way to ride to Constitution. Hiking around the town is breath taking.

If you don’t mind shoulder to shoulder crowds and constant loud noise, it is a fun event. I would go again, but only as a short day trip, as you can see everything in an hour. A 2 star event. On the other hand, visiting the town with out the festival is fantastic. You Do get to see local crafts, meet some warm people and see some beautiful sights.



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Baja 1000 pre run Loreto to La Paz

best viewed at full screen with low volume

trouble viewing ? go here https://vimeo.com/53802224

Ron Brant was one of 3 drivers for the Class 1 car # 111. He pre ran Loreto to La Paz twice, doing parts 3 and 4 times. Starting at km marker 37 on Highway1, up to the San Javier Mission and over to Mag Bay, then down the Pacific coast to La Paz.

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Baja 1000, 2012

I’ll be posting soon on the hurricane, which was Oct 16th. as well as video of the pre runs  for the Baja 1000

Baja 1000 Race 2012     pictures below
Last race we watched from an area near km marker 58 which is a check point and pit area for many racers. It is a very popular spot and hard to find a place to camp. It was great fun, but a bit dusty and noisy with parties everywhere. Having done 2 pre runs from Loreto to La Paz, I had seen several places that would make great camping and offer different places to view the cars. We went down to km marker 37 and asked permission from a rancho to use his property. He welcomed us and even offered to show us the way. We drove the course for awhile until we found a nice place with an easy exit with out going on the course. I took my ” adapted family”, Mommi, Dana, Paola, Jose and Rolanda, a friend of Paolas. We arrived about 3pm and had a great lunch of burritos, tacos and snacks. This area is usually just dust and dirt, but due to recent rains and hurricane rains, the desert floor was covered in foot tall grass. A beautiful place with everything green. We set up the tent and built a fire and gathered wood to keep the fire going all night. We feasted again on hot dogs and hamburgers and napped until the first car came by at 2am followed closely by a moto. The lighting on these machines was like stadium lighting, blasting white into the desert for only a moment as the cars raced by. I semi sleep until the sun came up, most of the trophy trucks and class 1s had gone by in the dark, but there was still plenty of action for pics. My camera auto focus is slow, so I have to focus on a marker and then complete the pressing of the shutter when the car reaches the marker. Sort of hit or miss when the cars are doing 70 – 80 mph.

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